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Emperor's new clothes 7' investigates the relationship between action and the possibility for forms and gestures to be repeated, in contrast with the non-reproducibility of each performing act. Our aim is to reveal the reality of fashion system: a saturated world disjointed from aesthetic and emotional ideals. We do not believe in ostentation. We consider it a useless sensation of dominance. We do refuse power as the ultimate expression of pretense.We do believe in the total freedom of expression realised through a constant search for a balance between reality and illusion.We do recognize a pure and innocent gesture as a moment capable of revealing the truth and triggering an emotional response.directed by NICOLA BARATTO MARTA MODENA FANNY MUGGIANI PICCIOLIphotographers SCANDEBERGS ALBERTO ALBANESE STEFANO COLOMBINIvideomaker NICOLO PARSENZIANIdirector of photography PAOLO CONSAGAfashion designer NONO LENImake-up artists GIUSEPPINA CASO FRANCESCA VATTERONIhair stylist GABRIELA PINOgraphic designer SIMONE GIARAsound designers NOUMENO SINERAWemperor GIACOMO GOINAweavers MATILDE SPINELLI SEBASTIANO GERONIMOministers DANIELE PODDA CLAUDIO POMPONIchild BOHDAN STUPAKcrowd BENEDETTA VIO BOHDAN STUPAK MICHELE ARMELLINI MADLEN HIRTENTREU VERONICA BREVI

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