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A ride through Milan

A ride through Milan (voice over in italian with english subtitle)
Each City has different "souls" and can be told from different point of view (interpretations) and with different style (form and language). This is my overview about Milan and my personal way to present a place.

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"A ride through Milan" credits
Written, filmed and edited by Max Borsani
Voice Over: Steania Pepe
Voice over recording: Stefano Fiorio

Footages have been shot in the last years for the single videos about Milan's monumnets and places.
In different moments and for different reasons I had the support of:
Davide Borsani
Giorgia Loda
Massimo Cassi
Mandy Espenhayn
Michele Blasco
Ludovico Bertè
Nadine Recenti
Elena Galimberti
Valentina Ferracin (Lombardia film commission)

Composer: Marcus Boeltz, Interpreti: Marcus Boeltz
Copyright owner: Musicmedia (

Track 2: FILM NOIR
Composer: Laurent Dury, Interpreti: Laurent Dury, Jean-Brice Reynard, Ly Chheng, Erwann Garbelec, Jean-Luc Hernon, Régis Morel, Christine Grüneissen, Estelle Beaudeur, Jean-Baptiste Guerin, William Hurion
Copyright owner: Musicmedia (

© Copyright 2013-2016 by City by Subway - All rights reserved

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