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THe NEW REVOLUTIONARIES Saša Hortig | VULETICHORTIG since 2012 | My name is Saša Hortig, I'm from Zagreb, Croatia, and I'm second year (and final) MA student at Faculty of Textile Technology.
From the very beginning of my undergraduate study clothing was so much more to me then just trendy pieces of fabric intended to be worn few times and be forgotten and replaced by new pieces of fabric. It was and still is, more then ever, a statement – media almost – that projects my deliberation about cultural, sociological and other phenomena that surrounds me. As time slowly passed by, my hunger for reproducing such fashion design was not. Vice versa, it was bigger than ever.
By the end of undergraduate study my colleague Petra Vuletic and I associated in team called VULETICHORTIG and competed on International jury competition for fashion design students called Fashion Wardrobe, where we both were acquainted with the whole process of clothes design and manufacture, from sketch to finished product. We won the second place and chance to be a part of a prestigious fashion week. After a while we purchased another competition for best young designers named Portanova Fashion Incubator where we won first place, and in short time found ourselves as a part of Cro A Porter – biggest fashion week in Croatia and region. Quick evolvent from student events to most respectable fashion weeks in Croatia gave me a big insight in real fashion world. That's where I've trained how to efficiently channel my creativity and ideas under pressure, think fast and react rapidly when situation necessitate.
VULETICHORTIG is a brand on which I've worked simultaneously with my studies. It's a brand that deals with sociological problems, mostly in the terms of the empowerment of the women, with the accent on open sexuality and taking labels from feminism as a women who will cover her body just so her brain could have the weight.
I have also worked on a few solo projects, including my final graduate collection called 'The new revolutionaries', which examines gender and sexual boundaries (which are still tightly defined) approaching the clothing sizes with a method of the negation of the body and the current identity. Conjugating societal and cultural defined male and female clothing elements the identity of the individual who exhibits a particular item of clothing becomes blurred, and in symbiosis with thereof it enjoys a new identity that is not in accordance with predetermined norms.

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