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SPring | Summer 2016

SPring | Summer 2016 Irma Cipolletta | Irma Cipolletta since 2014 | She is born in Rome and she gratuates in Architecture, decisive education for her planning approach.

The interest in the form and the curiosity to discover unusual volumes molding the matter drives her to test different materials as wool and felt, followed by the weaver master Eva Basile.

During her studies, she moves to Germany. Here she produces personally her design projects at the RWTH Aachen University.

Coming back to Italy, she works for Fendi in the Store Planning Department. Extremely passionate about the experience in the world of Haute Couture, she decides to specialize in bags design. She studies the TR Technique (Transformational Reconstruction) for pattern making followed by the Japanese designer Shingo Sato and earns the Master Degree in “Fashion and Accessories” at the "Accademia di Costume e Moda" in Rome.

Combining creativity and method, handcrafted know-how and high-grade materials: these are the values of a world where everything is a project.

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