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PEOPLE OF THE TABOO Katungulu Mwendwa | KATUNGULU MWENDWA since 2014 | Katungulu Mwendwa the brand was started by the Kenyan born and raised designer Katungulu Mwendwa herself. It is a Made in Kenya brand, designing for a woman who wants modern, functional, considered design.

Katungulu Mwendwa designs timeless, stylish casual, work and formal wear that extends beyond any season. The brand experiments with modern techniques, innovative fabrics and traditional methods.

The Katungulu Mwendwa goal is to create quality design considered clothing by working solely with fine materials and paying close attention to detail for each item.

Borrowing cues from traditional African cultures across the continent, subtle nuances are reflected through her work.

The current collection “People of the Taboo” is both ideologically and stylistically an organic progression from the deconstructed nomad inspired forms she has previously explored. Her new oeuvre takes its main cues from the Wodaabe men of Northern Africa during the Geerwol festival an idea that is carefully developed into print. Soft structures are worked in linen and cotton blends into comfortable shifts dresses topped with tailored jackets. As with the shift dresses, the jackets are a post- modern incarnation of ethnic Dinka corsetry.

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