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'P R E S E N C E' S/S16

'P R E S E N C E' S/S16 Sandra Plantos | Sandra Plantos since 2015 | Winner of The Cordwainers’ Dato Jimmy Choo Award 2015, Sandra Plantos is an Irish Footwear Designer and Architect based in London. Having graduated with a Masters in Architecture at University College Dublin in 2013 - and being awarded the Fashion Matters Scholarship in 2014 - Sandra proceeded to study a Masters in Fashion Footwear at the London College of Fashion.

Arising from her architectural background, an interest in form and materiality has been at the core of her design approach, with a particular desire to abstract unconventional materials from their everyday context and to imbue them with a transformative quality through the elevation of their status in the form of evocative Footwear Artefacts.

Drawing upon architectural influences, and, directly responding to the language of the human body, her current practice explores the relationship between the body, space and footwear artefacts, where the objects are to be experienced in their full material, embodied and spiritual substance. Thus, her work seeks to address the innate human ability of imagination, seeking to capture the moment of interaction between imagination, perception and memory.

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