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Lyre S/s 2016

Lyre S/s 2016 Kaiwen Yen | Kaiwen Yen since 2016 | Kaiwen Yen moved to New York City in 2012 to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in industrial design at Pratt Institute. After the completion of freshmen year, Yen decided to further pursue his passion in shoe design and moved to Milan, Italy to hone his technical shoe making skills at Ars Sutoria School of Design. Kaiwen Yen believes that the future of footwear lies in creating uncompromised desire and fantasy while respecting women’s mobility. His inspiration begins with the notion of industrial femininity combined with an architectural sensibility. Since beginning his design career in Milan, he has moved back to New York to continue his studies and is planning to launch his collection after receiving his BA degree.

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