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DEDO "Matsoni"

DEDO "Matsoni" Ana Tsintskiladze | TANI since 2014 | I am Ana Tsintskiladze an emerging designer from Georgia. I launched my own Brand called "TANI" in 2014. In 2015 I took a first place in a Be Next international fashion design contest organized by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Tbilisi, Georgia. As a reward I gained 100% waiver of tuition fee at Haute Future Fashion Academy Milan, Italy - Master in "Fashion Design". In the competition I represented my collection called DEDO "Matsoni" that was inspired by Georgian traditional milk-acid product produced from cow, that is white and delicious. In addition white is my favorite color as it reminds me of snow, purity, peace, mountains, monks and snow-flakes. In my collection almost every clothe transforms into another piece and has various usage methods. I have used silk, cotton, leather texture for shoes, flexi glass, poplin and pooh. Apart from this, bags are handmade of simple ropes with flexi glass handles and bottoms. Generally I consider that my clothes are comfortable, minimalist and personal.
As nowadays competition in fashion industry is very high, I consider that being a Vogue talent is a unique chance to fully expose my creativity and at the same time gain brand acknowledgement. In addition, it is prestigious and promising being discovered by Vogue talents, as there are many examples when emerging designers became big players in Fashion business. I am one of those people, who is of a view that by trying hard and working non-stop the luck will reward you. Haute Future Fashion Academy is a great place that is giving me invaluable theoretical and practical knowledge and if selected as a Vogue talent I could realize gained knowledge in reality. I believe, we could have mutually beneficial relationship.

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