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BADAWIAH Safiah Alaquil | Badawiah since 2015 | I’m Saudi/Argentine, so from early childhood I was exposed to different cultures and the enrichment of traveling. Although I graduated with a bachelors in Psychology, Fashion and Jewelry design have always been my passion. I first started making jewelry when I was 11 years old, and loved designing ever since. I recently moved back to Jeddah and decided I wanted to pursue something that combined my love for designing and traveling, along with the opportunity to give back to communities and help children in need. With those elements in mind, Badawiah was created.

The idea behind Badawiah is to blend different ethnic and traditional cultures. I thought of giving a unique colorful twist to something so traditional like an abaya and to include other handmade textiles from around the world. I think women in Saudi Arabia look for freedom of expression while maintaining traditional culture and style... And Badawiah abayas do just that. Since each collection is based from a different country that I travel to, I am usually able to have a collection ready every 3-4 months. I am currently working on my third collection, that will be launched mid March.

I think a contemporary designer in Saudi society should find a balance between traditional and modern. I think women here want so much to express their own individual style while still maintaining traditional culture and customs. So with my line I always strive to find a balance between those two. I create fun, colorful, and vibrant pieces and at the same time maintain that traditional and conservative aspect.

My main objective when starting Badawiah was to keep it small scale, and focus on quality. I didn’t start Badawiah to become a huge name in the fashion scene, nor to mass-produce. I enjoy working on each item personally to make sure it’s up to standards and dealing with customers personally. I see myself exploring new cultures around the world in the future. I love traveling, and I’m so fortunate to have something that combines all of my passions; traveling, designing, and helping children in need.

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