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MISREPRESENTATION OF SELF Tanio Liotta | Tanio Liotta since 2013 | Tanio Liotta, 25 yo, Milano. Artist of Bow-ties.

His creativity expresses itself through the reproduction of this single subject that rooted in his childhood spent in the grandfather's taylor shop. He makes bow-ties since he was a little kid.

In 2013, after his humanistic studies and a master in Food&Wine Communication he decided to create his first collection, named Bow-ties for Dinner, which has reported considerable success.

Since then he started experimenting new collections, combining in them his passion for poetry, food and design.

He says that his creation are the selected canvas to tell the story of all the world that surrounds him, or eventually, the chance with which he can detach himself from reality.

His bow-ties are unique pieces, made with different unusual materials and techniques.
That's why most of his works are required as art installations.

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