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citizen sanchez-kane

citizen sanchez-kane Barbara Sanchez Kane | sanchez-kane since 2015 | I grew up very insolated from any touch of artistic expression in a small catholic town on the south of Mexico.
People often ask me when did I become more artistic as I started studding fashion design until I was 23 years old, after accomplishing a degree from engineering.
We where though the most artistic girl (as I went to a all girl nun school) was the one that painted inside the line- as that was a result of perfection and beauty.
I never did manage that technic, and I was always afraid as I felt like the least artistic girl on the classroom.
I was asleep for many years until Polimoda showed me a different appreciation-where beauty is not measure in perfect execution, that the main factor was sentiment.
That repetition was boring and that new produced pleasure.
I discovered that pleasure in Florence, that’s why SANCHEZ-KANE was born.
The need of creating and using language as weapon of communication between a real and fantasy world where imperfection is embraced- curated by emotional caos.


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