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Deeply Personal SS16

Deeply Personal SS16 Elina Vanaga | Deeply Personal since 2015 | Deeply Personal is a Latvian women’s ready-to-wear fashion brand established in Riga, in early 2015. ELINA VANAGS is the founder and creative director of Deeply Personal. ELINA VANAGA was born in Latvia. She received her marketing degree from the University of Latvia and has studied fashion design at The London College of Fashion.
Inspired by the architecture of Riga, she decided to leave her job at the helm of marketing for a renowned European music festival to realize her unique childhood dream of the Deeply Personal fashion lifestyle brand. What once started with a t-shirt line, has now grown into a ready-to-wear fashion brand that can be seen on fashion week runways and international fashion fairs.
Her inspiration is deeply founded in her Northern European cultural heritage. Asceticism, organic modernism and functionalism are key factors in every aspect of her creative process. Influenced by observing her surroundings and the functions of a modern woman’s daily life, the Deeply Personal collection has a distinctive elegance that is based on renderings and transformations of basic and classical items.
Deeply Personal’s manifesto is all about minimalism and easy transitional pieces with a slight twist of humor. They are not only reserved for special occasions but reflect the rhythm of her modern muse – a woman who has her own guilty pleasures in-between combining active business and family lives.

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