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Mallin Gross AW16

Mallin Gross was founded in Germany in 2014 by the couple Christina Mallin and Gion Gross with the aim to make bags in Italy for a modern lifestyle.

The brand was conceived at a joint participation at the summer school of the London College of Fashion.

Christina Mallin studied economics and worked in market research until she decided to launch her own brand and take courses at London College of Fashion.

Her mother is a porcelain painter from Taiwan, her father an Austrian engineer. She grew up in Malaysia and Germany and feels drawn to contrasts and diversity.

Gion Gross grew up in Zurich surrounded by nature and a mother who sewed jackets for him made from rabbits fur. He is an engineer and worked as a material specialist before he decided to get into bag construction. He likes to think things through and always strives for the perfect solution.

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