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Catherine De' Medici 1533

Francesca Pisano | Catherine De' Medici 1533 since 2015 | Being part of the brand Catherine de’ Medici 1533 signifies being heir to a cultural and artistic heritage that is unique to the world. Unmatched.
Being proud of the talent that it holds, that defends the brand and enriches it.
It signifies someone who has creativity, emotions, and imagination.
It means to be someone who is fearless but at the same time tender.
It means having honoring traditions while at the same time embracing innovations.
It means having the curiosity and the tenacity to make things happen.
Catherine de’ Medici 1533 is a brand that represents someone that has the confidence to stand out anywhere.
It represents someone that has love of beautiful things.
It represents a lifestyle comprised of passion, lightheartedness, vivacity and color.


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